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I finally got to visit salem! I remember learning about Salem and the Witch Trials as a young girl. I imagined an old town full of people walking in cloaks holding old books in their hands; possibly on their way to get together with friends to create the next potion in their cauldron. Give me a break, I was young! lol.  Obviously that’s not how I imagined the place as I grew older, though I was hoping the town had a more rugged look to it. It didn’t- but it’s still a place with a unique personality and full of really cool stores and restaurants. Below are photos of some of the places we visited, including a restaurant suggested by a local. If you are planning on visiting Salem in the near future, I highly recommend these spots. (:

  1. Salem Witch Museum: Warning: the muppet presentation on the history of the Witch Trials is a bit cheesy. I had never experienced anything like it before, so I found it quite entertaining (admittedly cheesy, but entertaining) . My Baby Seal who had never seen anything like it found it cheesy. You sit in the middle of an auditorium as you watch different stages light up with muppets illustrating the history of the Salem Witch Trials. It provides a good story of the trials, sound is good, muppets look like they could use a make over, but over all it’s a fun show. The second part of the show includes a tour guide talking about the history of the the Salem Trials.  I don’t recommend the muppet presentation for children. The sound is very loud and could be considered scary for some kiddos.
  2.  The Witch House: This place was fun! It is the one and only house standing with any connection to the Salem Witch Trials. The house belonged to Judge Jonathan Corwin- he was called upon to investigate claims of witch craft activity. We didn’t get a chance to take tour inside, but tours are offered from mid March- mid November.
  3. Gulu Gulu Cafe: This was one of my favorite places from our trip to MA! Gulu-Gulu Cafe was named after Cafe Gulu Gulu in Prague, where the owners of Gulu Gulu Cafe met. The restaurant pet is a bulldog, as you’ll notice from all the wall art. The place is quaint, full of personality, while not pushing too hard. They have a stage and every week/day they have different bands/DJ’s/artists doing their thing. They sell really cool and adorable merchandise, too! We only tried their warm drinks and were very pleased with quality and taste. 
  4. Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market: This place was recommended by a local from Salem. At first we were apprehensive about coming here, but my!  We were blown away by their delicious food. We had the Fish & Chips, Clam Chowder, and their Lobster Bisque. All three dishes were so fresh, with neat presentation, and very reasonably priced. I cannot tell you enough good things about their clam chowder. We had chowder nearly every day we were in MA. This place definitely blew the others away, and that is saying a lot because restaurants in MA pride themselves in their chowder. If you visit Salem, this place is a must for their chowder. I don’t have any photos of our food, my cell phone died by the time we ordered. *sad*

When you visit Salem, Massachusetts make sure to take a trip to these spots! You will have good time, I promise!

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