10 things I learned about Massachusetts- SireneWorld

I wasn’t prepared for the brutal winters of MA! But that didn’t stop my Baby Seal and I from having a blast and learning about the state and its people. Here are the top 10 things I learned about Massachusetts. Most of them are good, I promise!

  1. It’s fucking cold in March. The moist air of the Atlantic conspires with the area’s geography to create frigid discomfort. Seriously, this cold cracked the skin in my hands.
  2. There are a lot of aggressive drivers.
  3. The roads are bad. They are worst than Houston, and that’s saying something. The poor wheels in our rental were pounded mercilessly! lol
  4. There are so many roundabouts with exits to various different highways. Some of which don’t exactly match the google maps street names. Maybe google maps needs an update! lol
  5. The Italian bakeries are amazing.
  6. Their coffee is delicious!!!
  7. People are very friendly and cheerful.
  8. The clam chowder really is peerless. I don’t think I can ever have clam chowder anywhere else on earth and be satisfied after having it from Boston. lol.
  9. There are barely any cops around. We were around for 6 days and saw maybe 2 cop cars.
  10.  You can hike, you can spend a day at the beach and tan (when its warm), or take a stroll in the city and shop till you drop with out having to drive too far. There were parts of the city that almost felt like New York and others that felt like we were in a small town in England. Seriously, this state has the best of all worlds. lol. Except, of course, the winters- those  are brutal. I suppose they feel great during the holidays. But you really don’t have to drive far to get different tastes of atmospheres.

I loved getting to know Massachusetts. I would totally go back there in the near future. My favorite part of MA, however, were the people. I don’t think i would’ve loved MA as much if the people weren’t so welcoming and cheerful. If you’re going to MA soon, be prepared for a great time. Thank you for stopping by! Cheers 😀

Stay Groovy,


Author: Sirene World

Hi everyone! Thank you for popping in! :D I am Laura Irene and I am a native Tica! PURA VIDA! I moved to the USA 17 years ago and I am happy I have the opportunity to live the way I do today in a really cool city, Houston! :D The purpose of my blog is to help others identify the essential in their daily lives through my thoughts and experiences. My goal is to encourage people to seek experiences to identify what is essential to their lives. Sireneworld.com started as an outlet to talk about my adventures, curiosities, and everything in between. However, it has evolved into an outlet to help individuals find what’s essential to their daily lives. Through this lifestyle blog, I aim to identify what modern day essentialism is for any person who wants to live an adventurous life filled with experiences that make them happy. Welcome to Sirene World! Where we seek adventure in modern-day essentialism. “Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high-quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.”- Linda Breen Pierce  Questions? Email me at sireneworldblog@gmail.com! Stay groovy! Sirene

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