Whole 30- tips for you & final results! (btw, I slipped)

Hey, worldly readers! 😀

I finished my Whole 30 and my results are in!!!

I LOST SOME WEIGHT! Woohoo! You know that was my main goal with this whole Whole 30 thing (;

Anyway, here are few tips I learned along the way that can help you. All of which you could get by merely googling. hehe. But hey, it helps you could get good tips all in one place, right?

MAKE UP YOUR MIND: this is the biggest issue people come across when making a lifestyle change: They don’t make up their minds about what’s about to happen. Nothing in this world works unless you do, that includes healthy eating habits. Once you have wrapped your mind around what’s about to happen, the process, the steps, and the “struggle” you might come across, somehow it becomes easier. Life is about choices. Make the choice, understand what comes with that choice (the good and the bad), and then (and only then) decide if the Whole 30 choice is for you. If not, move on and don’t linger.

COME TO TERMS WITH PLANNING AHEAD: It’s obvious, YOU HAVE TO PLAN! This goes along with tip #1. This is part of “making up your mind”. Understand that you have to plan ahead in order for this to work efficiently and consistently. Planning your food gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on other things, like work, working out, or whatever it is that occupies your mind.

FIND ALTERNATIVES TO YOUR EATING ESSENTIALS: Whole30 authors might disagree with this one. But listen, if there is a food you cannot do without and you can find a replacement that follows whole 30 rules, by all means, DO IT! For me, it was coffee creamer. I freaking love half & half in my coffee. I found the most delicious alternative to half & half. I’ll leave the link here so you can check it out. It’s almond and coconut unsweetened creamer. No sugar in ingredients, all ingredients are compliant and it’s creamier than half & half! Check it!

GET USED TO READING/SEARCHING INGREDIENT LISTS: If you can, train yourself to do so before beginning Whole 30 journey. You might slip in the first weeks. Why? Because it takes work to know what foods contain what. My slip happened during my second week of Whole 30. What was it? Sugar and soybean oil in Chick Fil’A’s grilled chicken. My mistake? Assuming that because it was grilled chicken there were no bad ingredients in it. The lesson? RESEARCH restaurants that are compliant and READ labels. Again, this goes along with tip #1- come to terms with doing all this “extra” work. It’s not just about eating clean, it’s about doing all the research and avoiding almost all restaurants in order to stay compliant. Whole 30 rules indicate to reset the button if you cave in, not if you accidentally eat something you’re not supposed to.

That’s it. Nothing else. Just a few days out of the hundreds you will spend living. The first week will feel like an eternity. So will the second week. But if you’ve made up your mind, you will get through it. I promise you! By the third week, you will start eating properly out of habit. Remember, it takes up to 21 days to create new habits. Don’t expect not to have your mouth water over and over in the fist few weeks. You are only a human who is used to eating a certain way, it’s only normal to dream about sweets, or in my case, bread.

IF YOU SLIP or CAVE- MOVE ON: Either you do it & fail, you do it (maybe slip) & succeed, or don’t do it at all. Whatever you decide, make the choice and move on. Don’t linger on feeling like a failure cos you couldn’t commit. Maybe this isn’t the right time to make a commitment like this one. And that’s okay. There is such thing as making the right choice at the right time and making the right choice at the wrong time. I felt shitty when I realized I ate something I wasn’t supposed to. I felt shitty when I realized I hadn’t dropped a pound by the second week. However, I didn’t linger on failures. I moved on and kept on going. Cos that’s life- you realize stuff and move on. (:

RESULTS: WIGHT LOSS: 10lbs to be exact! Mind you, I didn’t work out at all. I am still paranoid about my hip (read more about my hip issues here). lol. Though I went running once, wore heels two days in a row for the majority of the day, jumped off some stairs, and the pain did not come back! Before Whole 30 I couldn’t do any of those things without massive hip pain the following day. CLEAR SKIN: My skin is smooth and not flaky. BETTER SLEEP: Don’t ask how my new eating habits helped my sleep because I don’t know. I do know my sleep quality improved and I don’t feel groggy in the AM. The only difference between today and 30 days ago has been what I’ve been putting in my body, so I can only assume food plays a role in the quality of sleep. CONFIDENCE: Is there a vitamin in healthy food that boosts confidence? Probably not. But there’s a ton of confidence in knowing you have completed something difficult with success. I found Whole 30 to be difficult during the first weeks. But I pushed through. I did it. I realized, what is it that others have that’s allowing others to complete whole 30 that I don’t have? They have made up their minds. That is all. And, if you don’t have the courage to make up your mind, you fake it. Fake it till you make it. lol.

Thanks for stopping by!


This is not a compensated post and I am not a physician. All opinions, tips, and images are my own. 


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