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I finally got to visit salem! I remember learning about Salem and the Witch Trials as a young girl. I imagined an old town full of people walking in cloaks holding old books in their hands; possibly on their way to get together with friends to create the next potion in their cauldron. Give me a break, I was young! lol.  Obviously that’s not how I imagined the place as I grew older, though I was hoping the town had a more rugged look to it. It didn’t- but it’s still a place with a unique personality and full of really cool stores and restaurants. Below are photos of some of the places we visited, including a restaurant suggested by a local. If you are planning on visiting Salem in the near future, I highly recommend these spots. (:

  1. Salem Witch Museum: Warning: the muppet presentation on the history of the Witch Trials is a bit cheesy. I had never experienced anything like it before, so I found it quite entertaining (admittedly cheesy, but entertaining) . My Baby Seal who had never seen anything like it found it cheesy. You sit in the middle of an auditorium as you watch different stages light up with muppets illustrating the history of the Salem Witch Trials. It provides a good story of the trials, sound is good, muppets look like they could use a make over, but over all it’s a fun show. The second part of the show includes a tour guide talking about the history of the the Salem Trials.  I don’t recommend the muppet presentation for children. The sound is very loud and could be considered scary for some kiddos.
  2.  The Witch House: This place was fun! It is the one and only house standing with any connection to the Salem Witch Trials. The house belonged to Judge Jonathan Corwin- he was called upon to investigate claims of witch craft activity. We didn’t get a chance to take tour inside, but tours are offered from mid March- mid November.
  3. Gulu Gulu Cafe: This was one of my favorite places from our trip to MA! Gulu-Gulu Cafe was named after Cafe Gulu Gulu in Prague, where the owners of Gulu Gulu Cafe met. The restaurant pet is a bulldog, as you’ll notice from all the wall art. The place is quaint, full of personality, while not pushing too hard. They have a stage and every week/day they have different bands/DJ’s/artists doing their thing. They sell really cool and adorable merchandise, too! We only tried their warm drinks and were very pleased with quality and taste. 
  4. Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market: This place was recommended by a local from Salem. At first we were apprehensive about coming here, but my!  We were blown away by their delicious food. We had the Fish & Chips, Clam Chowder, and their Lobster Bisque. All three dishes were so fresh, with neat presentation, and very reasonably priced. I cannot tell you enough good things about their clam chowder. We had chowder nearly every day we were in MA. This place definitely blew the others away, and that is saying a lot because restaurants in MA pride themselves in their chowder. If you visit Salem, this place is a must for their chowder. I don’t have any photos of our food, my cell phone died by the time we ordered. *sad*

When you visit Salem, Massachusetts make sure to take a trip to these spots! You will have good time, I promise!

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Massachusetts Series- The Mapparium- SireneWorld

I am still recovering from our most recent trip to Massachusetts. We planned and did so much my feet were a bit swollen at the end of each day. lol. Needless to say, MA is a place full of history, delicious food, and awesome gem-like places- like The Mapparium. I am not entirely sure why it’s not more popular, seriously. Look at the photos, though they don’t do the place much justice AT ALL. The Mapparium is one of those places you can admire best in person and not photographs. The place truly is magnificent and one of a kind.

The Mapparium is located inside Mary Baker Eddy library and it’s only viewable through a guided tour. It consists of a stained glass globe with a bridge that takes viewers from one end of it to the other. The globe is lit with eco-friendly LED lights that change colors throughout the tour. The spherical shape of the globe allows you to whisper from one end of the bridge to the other: the sound travels in a circular form outwards from the right and the left of the globe and ends at the other end of the bridge. Read below for more details about The Mapperium. Nevertheless, this place is a place you have to experience live. I mean, how often does anyone get to walk inside an LED-lit world globe? 😀

  • The Mapparium is a three floor stained glass globe.
  • It took 3 years to built, finalizing building in 1935
  • The world map showcased on the globe is the world map as they knew it in 1935.
  • In 1960 The Mapparium was recognized as a historical work of art, prohibiting anyone from making any changes.
  • The first renovation of The Mapparium happened in 1998: new lights and incredible sound system was installed.
  • The shape of The Mapparium creates strange sound effects.

For more information about The Mapparium visit:

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Why I LOVED Valentine’s Day in 2017- SireneWorld

The last couple of months have felt like living in a war zone of political views between families, friends, colleagues, and anything that holds some sort of human relationship.

I am that V-day grinch who feels Valentine’s Day is a marketing stunt for consumers. But this year, I definitely loved all the marketing on love, friendship, chocolate, roses, and anything that feels mushy, cheesy, and overly lovey dovey. I loved seeing my Facebook timeline full of people showing their Valentine’s gifts. I loved every photo of married couples reminiscing on their Valentine’s love over the years. I loved seeing all the snap stories celebrating love. I loved showing my love to those I appreciate through a text or something materialistic like a balloon, or some dessert. It felt really great and not overly cheesy.


For a while, I have felt a little disoriented and confused about people’s choices. But, thanks to Valentine’s Day and a project I’ve been working on (more about it later), my brain can humanize humans more efficiently again. Not that I think humans are monsters or anything. I’ve just felt very disconnected from everyone and everything lately.

This Valentines I am not only gratefully in love with my Baby Seal, family, and friends, but I am also grateful for the new people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Coming from a place where I have felt disconnected and not really myself, they are a reminder that kindness among strangers exists. And, that people love “love”. And that, my friends, rules over anything else. People love “love” and I am happy they aren’t afraid of showing it off.

Alas, Valentines came to save the day guys! haha. Thank you for stopping by.

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Houston’s #ILoveYouWall- Graffiti Tour Proposal

 All who have visited Houston in the last couple of years have noticed its art murals. If you haven’t, it’s time you paid a visit to the Heights, Eado, or all central Houston for that matter. There are so many bad ass murals all over town, you will be mind-blown. Kind of like I was exactly one week ago when one of my best friends proposed to his girlfriend in front of their own “I Love You” wall.

Since their first date over a year ago, when he took her to see some of Houston’s graffiti walls, he knew she was the one. He also knew he wanted to make his marriage proposal exceptionally special and memorable. And that, my friends, he did! He was able to get in contact with a local Houston artist, Shelbi Nicole, who has several murals and other artwork all over the city. Read more about her art work here.

The plan was to create an art wall that represented both, my friend Joshua and his girlfriend Alicia, but also one that could be relatable to the public. Mastermind Shelbi and Joshua came up with the idea of an “I Love You” wall for his surprise proposal, and it turned out fantastical.

Exactly one week ago Joshua, Alicia, and a couple of other friends (myself included) went on a graffiti tour led by Shelbi. She showed us really great wall art by various Houston graffiti artists, including her own #PolkaDotWall (one of my faves). The last stop was her brand new #ILoveYouWall, where Joshua proposed to Alicia. The reveal was the best, I was so nervous and so excited for all three of them- Shelbi included cos she did an amazing job touring us and of course creating and revealing the ILY wall.

I cannot think of a better way to end 2016. Seeing both, Joshua and Shelbi, prepare for so long and finally seeing Alicia’s expression when she realized what she was standing in front of made that day one of the best days of 2016. Nevertheless, a great way to say goodbye to a new year and begin a new one. So much happiness. So much love. Cheers to 2017 and having many #ILoveYouWall moments!

I filmed the proposal, scroll down and check out the big moment for yourself! *warning, it’s a bit shaky in the beginning, and you might hear me shriek of joy. Also, it might make you sob a bit.* lol

Isn’t this the cutest thing? I call it the best graffiti tour in Houston’s history! What do you think?

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Pet Shop Boys-Super Tour, HTx

Oh, the Pet Shop Boys. Such legendary sound in that name and set. I had the chance to see them in concert this past Wednesday, November 2 at White Oak Music Hall. It was fantastical to say the least. I found out who the Pet Shop Boys were back in high school (05-06?), in a MySpace page. lol. I’ve grown to appreciate them and what they have done for the music industry more and more as time passes. They played a variety of songs from their latest album and of course some classics. Even though this tour is about Super, I love their ability to carry their style in their newest sounds. I took so many pictures of such an amazing show. I am posting only a few because quite frankly, Pet Shop Boys is one of those bands that everyone should experience live at least once in their life time. If the show is coming near you, I encourage you to go! You won’t be disappointed. Great music, great visual effects,  great company. That is all.

Do you listen to PSB? What’s your favorite song of theirs?! 😀

Stay groovy, Pop Kids!

PSB 2016
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If you are interested, here is the set list:


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Dia de los Muertos in Houston!

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Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead altar at one of the campuses I work at.

Dia de los Muertos is a holiday celebrated by various Hispanic and European communities, although now a days becoming more popular in the US. It is a day where we celebrate our dead relatives, young and adult spirits. During this holiday, altars with “offerings” are put together by families  for their loved ones who have passed away. Offerings include food, candy, water, and even booze for the older souls. Legend says the gates of heaven are opened for the younger souls, los angelitos, on October 31 at midnight. The more adult souls come to pick them up later in the evening of November 1st, where they get to celebrate and reunite with their families in a spiritual way. Although I have never celebrated the holiday, I adore the concept of celebrating our dead ones. Death is a sad concept here on earth because we are left with unbearable wounds and memories of those who have left us. But, the Day of the Dead adds a positive spin to death in a way nothing does. It reunites families with loved ones in a spiritual way that requires tons of meditation, creativity, and good purpose while healing ones heart. The picture you see above is from an altar I came across in one of my campuses (I am somewhat of a teacher during the day). Students and faculty put this altar together to celebrate their dead ones. I absolutely fell in love with it. They had candy, bread, fruit, and flame-less candles. I hope this short post gives you a bit of an insight of a holiday with so much emotion, creativity, and love. Have you ever celebrated Day of the Dead?

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Learn more about el Dia de los Muertos here:


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Last Minute Halloween Decor

Halloween is upon us my friends! I love Halloween, although I didn’t always. Mainly because I grew up not celebrating the holiday up until I started going to college. Yes, you guessed it, I was one of those college girls wearing a hoochie Halloween costume. Haha. Hey, it was fun and the thing to do! It’s still the thing to do, but I am passed the hoochie costumes. I rather spend time creating my own costume or painting my face into something cool these days.

Anyways, enough blabbering. Below are a few Halloween decor items that my niece and I created at the very last minute for this Halloween. All things are very simple to make. But, for some pieces you may wanna stop by your nearest craft store or dollar store.

Candle Cauldron:
Small mason jar
Black Paint
Old candle (or candle wax)
Candle wick
Scent for candle (optional)
Dried small flowers (optional)

1. Measure a ring around cauldron neck with wire. Create a handle with wire and attach it to ring around cauldron neck. You may wanna use tweezers to twist both pieces together.
2. paint cauldron, wire too if you want.
3. Melt candle wax in a double boiler (I used to old pots). Mix in scent.
4. Pour in melted candle wax into “cauldron”. Sprinkle in dried flowers.

Jello Brain
1. Jello Mix: I used a cream coconut flavor mixed with milk to resemble brain flesh and a strawberry jello mix to resemble the “bloody” part of brain.
2. Brain Mold (I got mine at Dollar Tree for $1)

1.Follow steps for jello on jello box.
2. Place jello on mold according to how you’d like the colors to appear once the jello hardens. I first did a layer of cream coconut, allowed jello to stiffen, then added red jello.

Creepy Angel
Ceramic angel (from dollar store)
2. Old plastic artificial grape, I had one laying around from old decor.
3. Paint
4. Paint brushes
1. paint any creepy eyes on angel
2. Paint eyeball on grape. You don’t need to know how to draw for this. Just google eye ball clip art and go from there.

Floating candles
1. Toilet paper and napkin carton roll tubes. (don’t throw them, save a couple). I used different sizes of them to add a hint of variety in candles. Not all candles are same size, specially if they’ve been burning for a while.
2. Flameless tea lights (from dollar store)
3. Clear string
4. White paint
5. Hot glue gun (optional)

1. Paint cartons to what ever color your candles will be. I chose white.
2. Add hot glue to top rim of tube. Add hot glue in a way  that resembles melted wax dripping down.
3. Punch two small holes on top rim, each on opposite sides.
4. Slide clear string through holes. Leave enough string to hang.
5. Place flameless candle on stop of tube, it should sit comfortably on the string.
6. Hang your candle!

If you have any more questions on these DIY’s do leave your comments down below. Each one of these pieces were so fun to do. What made them even more special was doing all of them with my sweet niece. Do you have any fun and spooky DIY ideas you’re doing for Halloween this year? I’d love to hear about them!

Stay spooky,

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